COVID-19 Food Help

To stay up-to-date on food resources available in Orange County, California during the COVID-19 crisis, please regularly visit our COVID-19 Resources Page and subscribe to our No Child Hungry text messaging program by following the instructions listed in the section below, “Do You Need Food? We are here to help!”.

Do you Need Food? We are here to Help!

The mission of the No Child Hungry project is to help identify and fight food insecurity in Orange County, California. The following 2-item questionnaire can help identify individuals who are at risk of being food insecure if their response to both these statements are ‘yes’.

1. Within the past 12 months, we worried whether our food would run out before we got money to buy more.
2. Within the past 12 months, the food we bought just didn’t last and we didn’t have the money to get more.

Once a food insecure individual is identified, we can help by providing the services and resources to have food. The ‘Need Food?’ cards provide a simple and discrete way for individuals and families to find food resources via a text messaging system.

How it Works:Need Food? AAP OC

1. Using a mobile device, text “FOOD4U” for English or “COMIDA” for Spanish to (833) 300-4888
2. You will receive a welcome message which will connect you to the Waste Not OC or Second Harvest Food Bank interactive food maps

a. Call or text: (855) 233-3362
b. Or go online to the Waste Not OC-Find a Pantry Near Me  or Second Harvest Food Bank-Food Assistance Helpline

          i. Enter a Zip Code to find free food near you

NOTE: If you have unsubscribed to text messages by sending “Stop” to (833) 300-4888, to resubscribe, please text “FOOD4U” or “COMIDA” to (833) 300-4888.

Other food resources include calling 2-1-1 or visiting

No Child Hungry: Pediatricians Promoting Food Security

The No Child Hungry project began through a small, 18-month grant from national AAP’s Healthy People 2020 Grant Program to address Healthy People 2020 Objectives NWS12 (Eliminate very low food security among children) and NWS13 (Reduce household food insecurity and in doing so reduce hunger). Our goal is to identify food insecurity, poverty, and health issues experienced by our OC families, and to assist these families in getting the support and services they need.
To do this, we are conducting the following activities:

  • Development of a project advisory committee
  • Collaboration with the Waste Not OC Coalition to develop a mobile application of their OC Food Pantry Map
  • Development and distribution of physician education and resources for use during office visits with potentially at-risk families, including the implementation of a validated 2-item screening tool
  • Coordination of CME education for our member pediatricians and local community partners regarding local issues related to food insecurity, poverty, and child health
  • Coordination and implementation of 3 town hall meetings in different regions of the county experiencing high rates of poverty and food insecurity.

It is our intention to create a replicable model of this project for use in other communities both within and outside of Orange County.