2019 AAP Resolutions

As an AAP member, you have the opportunity to advocate for and influence national AAP policy and priorities through the resolution process.  Any member or trainee can write a resolution on a topic of interest on which they’d like the AAP to act. The process for submitting a resolution starts with an idea.  Once a resolution is written, it is submitted to national AAP by the November 15, 2018 deadline for consideration.  Resolutions also should be submitted to your AAP chapter for sponsorship consideration; those resolutions will also be considered by the 4 California AAP chapters for district sponsorship.

New this year!

*Reference Committees will no longer take place at ALF.  Instead, the reference committees will take place through virtual online meetings in February.  This will allow for resolution authors to virtually attend the meetings and speak to their resolution.

*Top 10 voting will take place early on at ALF, allowing for more time to discuss the Top 10 and for your AAP leaders at ALF to formulate working plans to address those issues.

*The Guidelines for Resolutions has links to the AAP website to make it easier to search for past resolutions; current AAP policy; and any policy statement or technical reports currently in development.

Anyone can write a resolution – all you need is a good idea. Please take a look at the links and contact Marsha Spitzer, MD if you have an idea and would like help getting started.

Marsha Spitzer, MD | AAPCA3 Chapter President
District IX CFMC Representative | marshas@fhcsd.org

Guidelines for Resolutions
ALF 2019 Resolution Template


AAP-OC advocates on behalf of families and pediatricians at the state and local level. Our chapter members are also members of AAP CA, which is made up of the four chapters in California. AAP CA work with policy makers in Sacramento to promote legislation that improves the lives of youth in our state. On the local level, AAP-OC has partnerships with The Orange County Healthcare Agency, CHOC Children’s Hospital, and UC Irvine along with other public and private entities that allow us to work on initiatives and education that promote pediatric excellence.

Save the Date: 2019 AAP Legislative Conference

Mark your calendars! The 2019 AAP Legislative Conference will take place April 7-9 in Washington, DC. Each year, the conference brings together pediatricians from across the country who share a passion for child health advocacy. Participants attend skills-building workshops, hear from guest speakers, learn about policy priorities impacting children and pediatricians and go to Capitol Hill to urge Congress to support strong child health policies. If you are interested in attending the conference and would like to be notified once registration opens, please email LegislativeConference@aap.org.